Edward Lee

家庭屬靈薪火: 申命記 6: 4-7

5:14:00 PM
Reverend Paul Frey

“The Centrality of the Cross” : Matthew 16:13-26

9:00:00 PM
許志靖傳道 (Matthew Hsu)

主工人的異象: 箴言 29:18

8:00:00 PM
Pastor Steve Hsu

Joy, Mind, Heart and Prayer

3:45:00 PM
杜天心牧師 (Pastor Job Tu)


3:45:00 PM
Lunar Year

NTACC Youth! on Lunar Year Celebration! Performances

1:15:00 PM
Reverend Paul Frey

成為基督的見證人: Witnesses for Christ

11:15:00 AM
Lunar Year

Lunar Year Celebration!

12:10:00 AM

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