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7:18:00 AM

11月 教會消息 - 龍飄飄牧師詩歌見證分享會《人生車站》

12:51:00 AM
Edward Lee

"Fight, Run, Keep the Faith" by Elder Edward Lee

11:11:00 PM

10:00:00 AM

“Giving God Worth” by Pastor Sunny Shih

4:46:00 PM

完成神安置你心中的夢想 by 陳明敏長老

4:44:00 PM

你最重要的路程 Your Most Important Walk by 石松年牧師 Pastor Sunny Shih

5:18:00 PM

“Truth and Light” by Pastor Sunny Shih

6:04:00 PM

互相激勵, 彼此成長 by 林思正長老

6:03:00 PM

“Grace, Love, and Holiness” by Pastor Sunny Shih

7:38:00 PM
Edward Lee

在地如在天的團契 by 李萬居長老

7:37:00 PM
戴路傳道 (Dai Lu)

敎會的根基與建造 by 戴路傳道 Minister Dai Lu

4:58:00 PM
Michael Chen

“Three Most Important Prayers for Every Christian” by Elder Michael Chen

4:57:00 PM
Mother's Day

有盼望、安慰和保障的神 Our God of Hope, Comfort, and Security by 石松年牧師 Pastor Sunny Shih

6:50:00 PM
胡至慧牧師 (Pastor Solomon Hu)

教會的成長 Church Grows by 胡至慧牧師 Pastor Solomon Hu

4:29:00 PM
Sunny Shih

"The Life of Expectancy” by Pastor Sunny Shih

2:50:00 PM
Michael Chen

不平凡的禱告 by 陳明敏長老

2:46:00 PM
Pastor Frank Myer

"Faith that Perseveres" by Pastor Frank Myer

2:04:00 PM
胡至慧牧師 (Pastor Solomon Hu)

平凡的基督徒 (A Common Christian) by 胡至慧牧師 (Pastor Solomon Hu)

12:06:00 PM
Sunny Shih

"Walking with the Savior" by Sunny Shih

3:26:00 PM

"In Memory Of or To Celebrate?" by Solomon Hu

9:34:00 PM

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