2008 Lu-Kang Mission

9:21:00 AM

Dear Pastors, Brothers, and Sisters
We are urgently recruiting short-term missioners for 2008 Lu-Kang Mission.  Thank to the merciful Lord and the dedication of many pastors, brothers and sisters, we are entering the 2nd year of the 5-year commitment following the success of 2007 mission.
Just to give you a glance at the 2007 mission. Last year, we introduced Jesus Christ to 136 children attending the one-week English Camp, many prayed to Jesus Christ the first time in their lives. (

The families of the children were very open to us. Over 60 families requested our home visits in the enrollment forms but sadly we could not visit them because of our limited capacity and extremely busy schedule.  Thank to faithfulness of Edward, Elsie, Wayne, and others, regardless their physical fatigues, they managed to visit 2 families in the last evening of the mission and sowed the seeds of Jesus Christ. 
This year, in addition to the continuation of Children English Summer Camp, we expect to open a small adult class so the adults also have a chance to know Jesus Christ as they attend the English class.  There are less than 0.2% of christians out of the approx. 150,000 population in the great Lu-Kang areas. The harvest field needs workers, so I sincerely ask you to take part in this mission of saving souls.
Please find the attached forms for joining this 2008 Mission. We will also soon update information in our official website 
www.LoveLuKang.org  Please reserve your ticket ASAP as the tickets are selling out very quickly due to Beijing Olympics. Feel free to contact me at 646-932-3552 if you have any immediate question.
Be the ambassdor of Jesus Christ!!!
Michael Chen
Taiwanese American Christian Church
Gideon Training Center

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